At Home, With Sam And Joe


(Holding desk stand mic) Kinda feel like Larry King almost

Very Conan Obrian of you, are there any props?

Maybe, I should have a co-host man

Is there a band? Where's Questlove dude?

Is Questlove in the house? He's in the house??

Eric Andre show, footnote

Excellent, we should have had you in a coffee mug full of coffee, Chance [the rapper] styles

Vomit all over the desk.
It sounds like we have quite an affinity with absurd comedy, you make slight references to Nathan for you [joseph4u]

My friend Kane put me onto it, we were just kicking it on the couch and he opened my world to this TV show. Just the ideas and the craziness. You know, rebating fuel only if you go to the top of a mountain and go through a series of quests ect.

Turning a guy into a hero by putting him into the desert and fully imitating his facial structure with prosthesis. Its amazing, I feel like it's the new type of comedy. Because you can't be ally G anymore, It's like ally evolved...

I'ts the next frontier, and Sascha... What a talented Guy

What's he doing? I't like Mike Myers, where you at?

Maybe the next Shrek movie probably... Maybe Shrek 10?

Little shout out, I changed my girlfriend's name on Facebook to Shrek...

Ooooh ! Shrek Coates! I was just thinking, I need to ask Sam about this. Thank you for reminding me, shout out to the baby (kisses). The last night I caught Sam actually was in hungry jacks hoeing into a fat burger just by myself hoping I wouldn't run into anyone. But ho hum, an amazing surprise. Just both being there together sweating over fast food.

Enhancing our resteraut experience, our customer experience

bonding over friends I believe

Yes, yes, one of our favourite programs, no doubt.
You're such a Ross guy

[Blush] what was that one episode where Ross tries to show off his piano?

We'll apparently he tried to sue that Ross From Friends, that lo-fi house producer/DJ... Ross from friends the actor sued Ross From Friends the artist.

Oh yeah I saw that on Facebook, do you think it was legit though, I thought it was an April Fools thing. Because it was on April the first. I think.

If I'm talking fake news... 

Don't get all Donald Trump with me man.

Is this fake news media?? I need to know

I feel like you're a real guy, you're tangible, I can smell you, you smell great by the way

Oh thank you well, I worked all day so I hope it's good

It's the man musk

It's the musk it's the musk, It's the musk, come'on guy