Groundfloor is a place for conversation. Representing, celebrating and collating the culture of music, the underground, historical, and burgeoning scenes within our city.

Groundfloor operates as a grassroots digital medium supporting the opportunity for a freedom of expression for local and international selectors, DJs, artists and activists to share their distinct interests and flavours; a place for emerging producers and musicians dedicated to invigorating and broadening cultural awareness of music and culture within our city. Showcasing Adelaide’s youth and embodying the ethos of underground dance music culture.


Jack Fenby [Fenj Photography], Transition Records + Paradise Loft Records, Housing Boom, Platform, Endless Grooves, Desert Pea Records, Adelaide Techno Convention, Four Four, Creative Revolutionaries, TalkTalk Creative, Brklyn Bar, Roxie’s Garden Bar, Sugar Nightclub, Rocket Bar & Rooftop, Bradley Pinkerton, Mads Cooke, Conor Mannering, Liam Richards, Crown & Anchor Group + not to mention all the artists that have graced our airwaves.

Do not hesitate to contact us or join our community; get in touch via the links below. Thanks to everyone for being a part of this vision.