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Ruby shares a progressive, hypnotic blend of some deep rolling cuts, ambient and acid tones, and some smooth vocal sampling/edits. A lover and connoisseur of a modern, european, deep house sound, she builds a serene and euphoric atmosphere for us to immerse ourselves in, and we love her for it.

Rubes' broadcast also marks the first of the aired programming from the new Groundfloor HQ upstairs at Brklyn Bar on Rundle Street. More details on operations and schedule coming soon, but for now we're settling in and stoked to be joining with such an acclaimed, characteristic venue. Catch a little bit of back and forth of Joe and I settling in during the first set up, its pretty outrageous. Shout-Outs to any fans of cult Guy Ritchie films or poor English banter more generally;

 photo by dom cornelius

photo by dom cornelius

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Young talent Baptiste Maillet [GEEKBAT] shares with us his craft honed on home soil amidst the depths of a thriving Parisian warehouse scene.

Baptiste and his men have assembled and established themselves as La Boîte à Rythme, a young collective driving their passion for the industrial techno scene in Paris through a series of parties and podcasts across their native region. He and I engaged in a bit of quickfire about La Boite A Rythme specifically, what he's been up to and about this Parisian scene more generally;

Lately I've started to organize events with a group of friends as La Boîte à Rythme; it means 'Drum machine'. We've organized three events since January with about 250 to 350 people, the frequency depending on basically our availability to work on the event but also if there are venues which accept to host the crew. We look at inviting two popular artists per night and then one or two of the DJs from our collective to support. We haven’t the means yet to organize things in big venues but we work to gather people with the common goal of basically having a good time around good music. The techno community in Paris is huge and deep so there's a lot of young talent with notoriety that may be untapped in an international sense but have enough popularity to make some waves and attract interest to our events here in Paris, and we are lucky to have access to them without large booking power. Long term, our objective is to develop diverse events with eclectic line-ups.

So where did this music thing begin for you?

I was – and still am - a fan of classic rock & blues, and played guitar from age 10. I got older and gradually developed more modern musical taste, and electronic music firstly, with French Touch [french house] tracks by Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier or Justice - and at the same time, I started hanging out in clubs and warehouses parties, and mixing. I've always been interested in the creative processes of artists.

What influences you then?

Rock, break-beat, and French hip-hop, but when it comes to techno, I’m impressed by releases on PERC TRAX and GENESA. This Groundfloor set is kind of a mental journey and moves across and explores a few faces of electronic music. It's less industrial than what I’m used to playing in clubs.

Whats your latest pickup?

Crossfire EP - Blacksun / Phobia [GENESA RECORDS]

Favourite performance?

I think the best performance I’ve ever seen was Scalameriya’s set at Glazart (a Parisian club) in February. Almost surgical the way he does it, a masterclass, his mixing sounds like a live show.

Tell me about this warehouse party you said you went a couple of weeks back, I didn't hear from you for a couple of days after that.

haha the last one I had was "Possession". Line ups like this don't happen every weekend in Paris so I had to go to this one. Attending were about 1500 people;


'Possession defend the concept of free parties in terms of sexual liberation. Their events do extremely well', this one took place in an undisclosed basement within an industrial part of the city. 'The party itself is very interesting' and without wanting to shed too much light on the scene itself, three things came to mind; 'darkness, leather, and moustaches'.

The impression is that parties like this in Paris are aplenty and it's infectious to come across young dudes embedding themselves in this culture of potential enrichment and enlightenment, but also trying to contribute in their own way and share their own message. The passion is real and we love it.

Keep an eye out for Baptiste and colleagues with BR movements and aswell, on the affiliated SYNTHETISEUR RECORDS, based in Nancy, which is currently populated with melodic work of resident UNDERWOOD.

For now, here's GEEKBAT for an hour long showcase, which aired on Groundfloor Tuesday the 29th May, including releases off labels previously mentioned as well as PLANET RHYTHM, for you to get a feel for the sound. Big, and busy.

Cheers Baptiste!

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Cruise control with J. Hennessy; jazz breaks, Detroit flavours, French techno. Enjoy selections from Groundfloor's good mate and aficionado of good music and even better times, broadcasted live from Sugar on Friday afternoon, with a big focus on what to expect this Saturday night from his next Four Four Dance Party. Thanks for sharing.

J. Hennessy's brings us his latest FOUR FOUR featuring BAMBOUNOU, who's jetting across to AUS for a series of shows in the thickness of rigorous European dates to treat us to some 50 Weapons kinda techno.  'A key figure in the Parisian scene, [BAMBOUNOU] has gained his position from his genre bending and jubilant electronic music productions and laying down solid freight train DJ sets around the globe.' We look forward to it, and more, from FOUR FOUR, J. Hennessy, plus friends LOCALHOST and RUBY, who hit the support tonight.

Groundfloor Radio will be live from Paris next week for the next edition of No Man's Land, details coming.

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