Ruby shares a progressive, hypnotic blend of some deep rolling cuts, ambient and acid tones, and some smooth vocal sampling/edits. A lover and connoisseur of a modern, european, deep house sound, she builds a serene and euphoric atmosphere for us to immerse ourselves in, and we love her for it.

Rubes' broadcast also marks the first of the aired programming from the new Groundfloor HQ upstairs at Brklyn Bar on Rundle Street. More details on operations and schedule coming soon, but for now we're settling in and stoked to be joining with such an acclaimed, characteristic venue. Catch a little bit of back and forth of Joe and I settling in during the first set up, its pretty outrageous. Shout-Outs to any fans of cult Guy Ritchie films or poor English banter more generally;

 photo by dom cornelius

photo by dom cornelius

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