Another episode! Playas be welcomed... To start out we have a low-slung selection of Electro R'n'B and Soul out of Cali, Think drop top Eldorado breezin, dark shades and hunnys wearin fur. For those who dig this sound check out DAM-FUNK on P.B.W's Stones Throw from the same area (LINK), passionate cool as hell dude carrying the torch for modern funk/soul strong. First track sees production and a duet from Rick James, see if you can pick the sample pulled by andres in his track "Just a Player". Next, tracks from independent labels Bridge Records (run by The Valentine Brothers), Red Label and an underrated boogie bomb from the Trammp brothers on Venture Records, known affectionately for their 70s disco releases. In between, a track from dream duo James Ingram and Quincy Jones on his label Quest, For a hilarious reference to one of the tracks on this album check the (LINK).

Over the main land a super horn-centric record from Pop Art in Philly and a cut from soul-jazz organist Charles Earland on obscure label Strut Records (New York). For the meat find electro-soul classics from U.S./Italian group Change, Howard Johnson with iconic Kashif production, the 1 of only 2 releases from Tara with production from Barry White and The System employing none other than Kleeer for the session on "It's Passion". To finish off, my favourite disco release from the prelude catalogue thus far, listen for the tongue rolls and mouth noises in the intro right before the piano build. So incredibly fun and hypnotic, the hook will grab you again and again, this IS NOT for the faint of heart. You WILL DANCE

sw 10.jpg


Teena Marie - I'm A Sucker For Your Love
The Emotions - You're The Best
The Valentine Brothers - Money's Too Tight To Mention
Charles Earland - (It's A) Doggie Boogie Baby
The Trammps - Up On The Hill
Major Harris - I Want Your Love
James Ingram - Try Your Love Again
Tell Me Why - Change
So Fine - Howard Johnson
The System - It's Passion
Fresh Flesh - Tara (Instrumental)
Body Music - The Strikers