Vinyl on Rymill

Presented by Groundfloor Radio in association with Four Four and the Four Four X Groundfloor Radio Showcase

Give Yer'selves a pat on the back

Big, warm thankyous to The Sparkke Change Beverage Company, the homies and new friends for rallying together in support of a great message, the celebration of unsung music and local selectors we hold dearest to us. Thank you to merry men J.Hennessy, Dom Cornelius and Fantastic Black Plastic for sound and infrastructure donations, the wind is a mighty beast, but harnessed and tamed no less - the carts thank your for your ingenuity. The island was a comfortable 5 degrees cooler, canines didn't know their own size and loved loves were glistening gems in the foreground of the lake. all in cahoots with that ice cold change the date pilsner, [hold me gently].

Photography: Carol Matthews