Soft Opening Recap

Big love to all the cats who came through for the opening, It was a resounding success. Thanks to all the selectors, the whole night was fluid and the music was incredibly soulful the whole way thru, these guys are doing big things in Adelaide, keep your ears to the ground. To the heads who tuned in live and over the airwaves, you all deserve to be adorned in gold, more to come from groundfloor and friends, peace.

Scroll down to see a recap of each individual set, quotes and a brief summary of moments and Au Revoirs.

ps. Apologies to Bheans and LK for keeping the between two ferns theme tune in for a little too long, sorry boys.

Just a few of many gorgeous highlights from the extremely talented family

[44:15] "What up yall, u rockin wit LK & The Bhean"
[25:00] cc: Loose Leggs frais: "Looka those knees mane you gonna break a leg"
[00:23] Fraser - "You already know what time it is"
[23:00] Zack - "Handle it"
J Hennessy - Shouts out to Jamie's Mum
[51:45] - "ITS TOO HOT"

[04:49] - "Certified Organic"
[1:05:20] "acai bowl, avacado, smashed avocado"

[36:17] Mick - "Callin' out all single ladies, where r ya"
[36:07] Bobby - "how are we feeling mr knox?"
Mr knox - "weah, a wehya tasty"
[20:16] "Ramen, Mi Gorang, Egg"
[34:10] "More OG than OG Simpson"
[02:25] - "Improvisations from Nicola Grant."
[58:38] - "Just a reminder to cook your pasta for at least 5-10 minutes."
[1:03:18] - "Steve, Steve Jobs. Steve, Steve Wozniak. Steve, Stevee, Allen, Macintosh."
[34:38] "This Blokes got lo-fi coming out of his ass, and I FUCKING LOVE IT"